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SODEC on board for the development of Tara Johns’ new screenplay Reasonable Accommodation.

SODEC’s vote of confidence and financial support will kickstart Tara Johns’ newest screenplay « Accommodements raisonnables ». Writer-director of The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, this will be Tara’s first screenplay in her adopted language.

At first, Caro thinks it must be some kind of mistake when the Khalil family shows up on her doorstep on New Year’s Day. At the best of times, these kind of people would put her on the defensive. The way they treat their women – the way their women accept to be treated – goes against everything Caro believes in as a proud Québécoise. But the Khalils assure her that it’s no mistake. Nor some kind of joke. This family of Syrian refugees insist that Daniel was dead serious when he sponsored them. And now, Daniel is just dead. It was one short week ago he took his eyes off the road to smile at her. Neither one of them saw the moose until it was too late. And now of course she’s seeing it everywhere. Meantime, an ice storm is settling in and the last thing she wants is to let these refugees into her only sanctuary. But it might just be the very thing she needs.


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