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2014-2015 Development Slate green lit!

Telefilm Canada has confirmed it’s support of Palomar’s 2014-2015 development slate.

We are thrilled to announce the continued support of The Canada Feature Film Fund’s Development program for a third year in a row.

Palomar’s slate of feature films include Tara Johns’ ENCORE (The Ethel Stark Project), Julien Knafo’s BRAIN FREEZE and Eric Piccoli’s ENTRE ICI PIS NULLE PART.

Eric Piccoli is a graduate from Concordia University’s film production program. He is an accomplished animator and illustrator and has several short films under his belt. He is the writer and director of the award-winning series TEMPS MORT and PROJET M. ENTRE ICI PIS NULLE PART will be his first feature film written for the big screen.


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