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2013-2014 Development Slate green lit!

Telefilm Canada has confirmed their support of Palomar’s 2013-2014 development slate.

We are thrilled to announce the continued support of The Canada Feature Film Fund’s Development program for a second year in a row.

Palomar’s slate of feature films include projects written by Tara Johns, Thomas Michaels & Paolo Mancini as well as newcomer Julien Knafo, Barbara Shrier will act as « mentor » to Julien Knafo during the development of his first solo feature film!

A graduate from Concordia University’s film production program, Julien also brings his talents as a music composer to many projects. He composed the music for as many as twenty shorts as well as Kim Nguyen’s two feature films « Le Marais » and « Truffe ». He won the Adisq award for the Best Video Clip for his direction of Pierre Lapointe’s song « Qu’en est-il de la chance? » and has directed two ambitious shorts of his own (« Noir » and « Magasin ») hits on the international film festival circuit. He co-directed his first feature « Lucidité Passagère » in 2009 as well as composing the sound track which garnered him a Jutra nomination for Best Music in 2011.

Brain Freeze is a made-in-Quebec Zom Com ! During a particularly rigorous Montreal winter, André, an awkward plump teenager in full identity crisis, becomes the sole protector of his 9-month-old sister when Nuns’ Island is put into quarantine after a virulant virus transforms the unwitting population into carnivorous beings dispossessed of all humanity…


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