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Theresa Piercy Starting Maternity Leave

Trading one challenging milieu for another!

Palomar is proud to announce that Theresa Piercy will begin maternity leave on June 21st.  Living up to her nickname (Theresapedia!), two people are coming aboard to hold the fort while she is away !

Francine Garneau has been a close collaborator of Barbara Shrier for many years.  A multi-talented film professional, she most recently supervised the postproduction of the feature The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom. Francine will be taking over administrative, film traffic and post-production related duties.

Raphaëlle Bilodeau joins the team as production assistant and communications specialist including the updating of all social networking accounts and the Palomar website. She will handle all international festival coordination as well. Raphaëlle is about to complete her bachelor’s degree in Communication Strategy and Cultural Production (speciality Cinema) at UQAM.

Theresa has been with Palomar since September 2008. A native of Vancouver, B.C., she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Film Production at Concordia in 1998 and has been working steadily in postproduction and production in both English and French ever since.

Palomar’s committment to faithfully supporting young talent does not begin and end on a film set.  We are proud to champion a member of our team who will be trading in the challenges of filmmaking for the challenges of full-time parenthood.


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