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2012-2013 Development slate green lit!

Telefilm Canada has announced their support of Palomar’s 2012-2013 slate of projects in development.

The first round of results for Telefilm Canada’s new “Development Slate” program are in and Palomar is thrilled to announce two exciting new projects:

Tara Johns, writer-director of The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom will begin work this summer on A Nutshell of Infinite Space. When a young Michel Tremblay goes looking for the approval of his literary hero, Jack Kerouac – the embittered American icon with buried Québécois roots – a beautiful, terrible, and tender meeting of minds is the result. Based on George Rideout’s well-crafted play on words Michel & Ti-Jean.

Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini, the creative duo behind cult comedies Greg & Gentillon, Hank and Mike and Running Mates have come up with You’re What With Who Now?!, a romantic comedy/coming of age that will rock the very roots of their respective cultural communities and others they have yet to explore! When depressed Italian widower Angelo meets David, a Jewish, openly gay retired theatre director, the two men strike up an unlikely friendship that leads to an even unlikelier romance. When the two men’s families discover their union, all hell breaks loose.


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